Welcome to Shristhi

We pride oursevlves in making beautiful textile products that make the world a better place. We have our own line of products we produce for wholesale. We also make customised products for businesses. Through our business we empower vulnerable women, by teaching them sewing skills to a high standard and providing them an opportunity to earn money with dignity…..More

Meet the Shrishti leadership team

The Shrishti leadership team are dedicated to providing quality products and working for the benefit and empowerment of the ladies who work with us.

It is wonderful to see Shrishti go from just a dream all those years ago, to what it is now. I love seeing the beautiful products we make and helping with the design. I love my job as it is about more than just the products, to help vulnerable women, learn skills and work to provide for them and their families. I am proud to be part of Shrishti India.

Rinku Roy


From the beginning I have been working with Shrishti India in our training program. I love working with the ladies and seeing them grow and develop in their giftings. It is a joy to work with Shrishti and be a part of seeing positive transformation in the lives of those we work with.

Lopa Mudra Da

Traning Manager

I joined Shrishti in 2014. I have come from a rural community, and understand the difference it makes to the ladies in our center to be able to earn an income. I love being part of a business that seeks to lift up the vulnerable.

Sukanta Mandal

Operations and Financial Manager